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Workshops and Events


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Living History Events and Festivals

We bring a complete era-appropriate camp, with trader's tent, accessories and our unique apothecary, set up to create a deeply immersive feel to your event.

Authentically attired, experienced reenactors can portray healers from the Romano-British era to the modern age.


We offer wild, foraged and dried plants for herbal teas tastings, historically accurate herbal remedies and vibrant storytelling experiences for visitors.

School Worshops

Our workshops are educational and entertaining.

Costumed reenactors provide hands-on sessions that combine group discussions on use of foraged foods and herbal medicine throughout the ages, or specific to an era.


Fun, practical activities are designed to to engage children's interest in the past.


Our range of dried and fresh herbs and plants, as well as the unique and fascinating accessories and tools that complement the healer's art, along with intriguing recipes and remedies help children connect with nature, medicine, and healing. 

Where possible, our sessions have cross-curricular links, and can be used as part of Health and Wellbeing, Science, History and Social Studies.

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