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Ancient Tiles


We bring to life the historical wise/cunning women, imagining and recreating what her life was like living in the villages of old. The ancient healer would weave medicinal and spiritual knowledge into her healing craft to relieve the suffering of her patients. Some of the remedies used might seem obscure to us now and some have been proven to be very effective when put under our modern microscopes.


Historical displays from Iron Age to modern British Herbalism: Ideal for museums, historical sites, re-enactments & living history events.  We offer hands-on events for community groups, public and private events. 

We are an educational project of Movement in Thyme CIC - improving mental and physical wellbeing through the power of herbs, movement and nature connection.

There are 3 of us working together to bring you historical herbalist re-enactments.  We are Rox (herbalist), Nicola (herbalist/chef) and Jaye (herbalist and degree in Archaeology & Social Anthropology). We aim to make our re-enactments as real as possible based on research and archaeological finds.  We are also members of Amber Othala an experimental archaeology and living history group who focus on the daily life tasks/crafts of people living around Baltic Sea during the so-called Viking Age.

Please get in contact to book us for your organisation, fair or event.

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