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The Vikings return to Largs!

This weekend saw the relaunch of the award-winning Vikingar! Centre, at Largs, with a fun-packed interactive family-friendly day at the newly refurbished Heritage Centre.

Viking-age healer, Freydis the Laeknir, took the apothecary along for the day...

Fresh and dried herbs and plants comprise the Viking-age apothecary,

including vegetables and valuable tree bark

We were delighted to showcase some of the new and exciting Viking age remedies and recipes at part of Amber Othala's Viking village along with other historical groups and societies invited to be part of the opening celebrations.

Some new, weird and wonderful healing concoctions were on show for people to experience - the battlefield broth was particularly pungent!

Throngs of happy visitors to the apothecary heard tales about headache cures and battlefield medicine, smelled the pungent and healing soups, and explored the herbs and accoutrements of the Læknir's art.

Laeknir often need to petition the gods for advice or help healing their patients, so shells, bones and other items were often part of their healing toolkit

The fantastic coordinated efforts of The Glasgow Vikings, Society of John de Graeme, Largs Viking Festival and Clan Hunter ensured visitors were treated to high quality welcome back to the Viking age.

As you can see the apothecary was very popular and Freydis was very busy!

The visitor centre is fully open again after its refurb, with immersive tours of the longhouse and interactive displays available daily.

 Thank you to everyone who came to see us, and to the staff and coordinators at the Víkíngar! Centre for hosting us! We can't wait to be back for Largs Viking Festival in September!

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